Union JackDrapeau de la France

CocoRico's History

portrait of a rooster "Cocorico!" That is how the French rooster crows to welcome the day and wake people up...
Cocorico language school is exclusive to Nottingham. You won’t find it anywhere else. Photography of Nottingham
Célestine Perret

It has recently been founded and run by Célestine, a young qualified teacher & translator from France.

She gained a BA in English Studies (Linguistics, literature & translation) and a MA in teaching French as a foreign language from the Université Stendhal, Grenoble. (South East of France, in the Alps)
She has been teaching French to foreign students, and EFL, in Grenoble for several years.

"What I like about my job is that it helps build bridges between people of different cultures. Exchange is what I work for."

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Sorry, the school has closed down.